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Mechanical engineering projects

At EGON we have the capacity to develop any solution or mechanical engineering project based on the specifications defined by our clients. We are able to manage projects from start to finish, being present at all stages of the project and guaranteeing its success.

Delegating engineering projects to EGON for their conception and development is synonymous with efficiency. Our clients save resources and time, optimise their processes and increase their competitiveness by leaving engineering projects in our hands, where we provide added value.

Our team of mechanical design engineers has extensive experience in industrial environments and in the development of customised turnkey projects. Guarantee and reliability to develop your project.

We adopt a collaborative approach and direct participation with our customers to develop projects, prototypes and customised industrial systems.

We offer customers our experience and mechanical engineering skills both for projects from scratch, taking charge from start to finish, and in the development of a modification that optimises an existing solution.

We have undertaken a multitude of projects of varying scope; from 3D tooling design to the development and installation of bespoke machinery.

We work for leading integrators, in particular for the automotive, railway, food and construction industries. We are actively involved in the development of engineering projects, both in the design of tooling and operator stations, as well as in the development and manufacture of special machines and production lines, including the automation of industrial processes.

From EGON we provide innovative solutions to the needs of the industry in each engineering project with the objectives of achieving maximum profitability and the tightest returns on investment.

We are committed to the development of innovative solutions to meet the needs of the industry in each engineering project.

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