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Turnkey machinery development

At EGON we are specialised in the development of turnkey machines, taking as a starting point the initial specifications of the project defined together with our customers, until the final delivery and start-up in their facilities.

We offer our customers a comprehensive turnkey machinery development service, from design and engineering to manufacturing and commissioning at the customer's facilities.

Thanks to UTIMESA, a benchmark in the manufacture of special machinery, we have the means to develop and manufacture machines for any sector or industry.

We work with a collaborative approach and direct participation with our customers to develop any type of machine or customised industrial solution.

We have experience in the automotive, food, chemical, construction and industrial sectors in general, using all types of carbon steels, stainless steels and special alloys as base materials for manufacturing.

Our team of mechanical design engineers has extensive experience in industrial environments and in the development of turnkey machines.

We develop and manufacture industrial machinery for different sectors, studying their needs and providing value solutions that help to simplify the supply chain and optimise production processes.

We adapt to the needs of each client and project, tackling both new projects based on initial specifications and projects to adapt and optimise existing production lines.

The analysis, from the beginning, of production processes allows us to propose improvements to reduce costs, optimise times and make your process more efficient.

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