Project for the railway sector

Development of a system for parts processing

Turnkey project for the railway sector. Design, development, manufacture and commissioning.

Turnkey project for the installation for handling, referencing and subsequent surface treatment with a weight of 600kg, based on initial specifications taken on site together with the production team.

This installation triples the initial production level of our customer.

The drives of the installation are electric and consist of squirrel cage geared motors with position controls by means of absolute encoders. It has a hoist integrated in the automatic work cycle of the installation, together with spindle systems for lifting and lowering the parts to be processed.

Boilermaking equipment and piping circuits in aisi-304L with self-priming pumps and fluid control instrumentation for the automatic transfer, filling and recirculation of the treatment fluid within the installation.

CE marked, safety features and automatic/manual operating modes for maintenance work, with dynamic adjustment of all work cycle parameters.

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