Mechanical Analysis


Industrial Mechanical Analysis

We study, calculate and submit to analysis the processes, machines and tools of our clients, to propose improvements focused on automation, simplification and time reduction in their production lines, as well as the achievement of operational processes in a more efficient and dynamic way.

Our team of mechanical design engineers has extensive experience in mechanical analysis of processes, tooling, sub-assemblies, special machinery and production lines.

Through mechanical analysis we are able to detect and foresee possible problems that may condition a production process.

At EGON we analyse existing machines and mechanical structures, and new developments in the design phase.

In the case of new projects, this analysis allows us to validate the designs from a resistance point of view, guaranteeing both the mechanical integrity and the safety of our machines.

In the case of existing machined parts, we verify that the conditions of these parts are optimal and meet the needs of the project. We verify that the structural elements they incorporate are capable of withstanding the functional loads to which they are subjected. These calculations allow us to adapt the mechanical structures to the needs of the project.

As mechanical engineering, for EGON the optimisation of designs is key in order to guarantee the mechanical integrity of any customised design. We focus on improving production processes from the point of view of efficiency, cycle times and necessary resources.

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